10 Things I Hate as of September 22, 2014:

10. Finishing Breaking Bad and Friends and thinking that there isn’t any other series worth watching.

9. Talking about my life.

8. Having to be nicotine-free for two weeks. (or i think three)

7. One Direction, 5 SOS songs blasting the fuck out of this house EVERY.DAMN.NIGHT.

6. Having to open skype and remember.

5. Having to talk to new people because all they have something to do with problem #9.

4. Having to talk to old “old” people between the ages of 40-70 because again, problem #9 but with a more inconsiderate, and aggressive tone.

3. Not having to go watch a movie alone to avoid people i know.

2. To scroll back and forth to your facebook friends’ statuses, and hate ever single one of those fuckers.

1. To have my patience tested.

"Ipapa-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kita jan eh."
- twitter.com/rarivera9 (via rarivera)